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The Demon In The Diagram

I'm amazed and honored that Claire Scanlon invited me to submit my first article for an academic journal and then actually published it in the Journal of Visual Art Practice.

My work deals with a lot of information and theory but I'm certainly not an academic or theorist.

That said, this is my first (and probably last) effort towards proposing a 'theory of diagrammatic embodiment', an idea that has sustained a lot of my practice since 2010 - but was especially central to 'The Demon in The Diagram', a large exhibition at the Moody Center for the Arts in 2018, curated by Alison Weaver.

In basic terms, we use diagrams as vehicles to travel around the shared imaginary space of pictures, and those picture spaces change, in form, structure and content over historical time, so do the kinds of diagrams we use to negotiate them.

The whole article is here as a downloadable pdf.

The demon in the diagram_ towards a theory of evolving diagrammatic embodiment
Download PDF • 6.46MB

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